Derail diversion

It’s been a year since I’ve written anything about my layout, so it’s more than time to continue.

Santiago Yard had a downgrade from the west end of the yard to the Scugog River “Black iron” bridge. I was told by a local in Lindsay of it being protected by derails in the yard tracks so that cars would be derailed away from the main track–he’d seen these derails do their job in the late 1950’s.

So I needed a set of derails at the west end of Santiago Yard for my 1956 layout.

CN 1938 Standard Instructions for Applying Derails

GLX Scale Models ( makes a working derail in HO scale; his part 3D-DUR-10 consists of 3D printed ties incorporating a derail base, a length of brass wire for a hinge, and two derail blocks, one for each direction. The modeller uses the block appropriate to the direction that the car is to be derailed to.

The GLX model is similar to the commercial Hayes derail used by railroads all across North America. The 3D prints are an unpainted white plastic; I used a weathered black for the ties, a rust colour for the derail base, and yellow paint for the tops of the derail blocks.

GLX Scale Models’ 3D printed derails assembled and placed in track. These were carefully fitted to the site so that the block moves freely.

It was necessary to sand down the 3D printed ties a little to place the tie tops at the same height as the adjoining ties. I found that standard NMRA RP-25 wheel flanges hit the inside of the derail base, as well as pilots on locomotives hitting the derail block when in the non-derailing position. Some trimming was needed to correct these issues, especially since these are used with Code 70 and Code 60 rail rather than more commonly-used Code 83 and 100 rail. When the derail blocks moved without binding, I epoxied the ties of these devices in place. This was followed by ballasting.

Derail in place on lead track to No 2 and 3 Sidings. The derail on the top of this photo is on No 1 Siding.
The derail has been tested, and works well!

More to come!

2 thoughts on “Derail diversion

  1. Where did you get the derail?? I have been looking for them for years!!

    Looks great!!!!

    Do you have a link for them??




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